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Many comic book heroes have even earned their appearance in movies and in TV series of their own. The comic book industry is a widespread phenomenon around the world. In 1976, Stan Lee conceived the idea of featuring Uri Geller as a cartoon character that would join forces with “Daredevil” to save a fictional city. In that same year, Marvel Comics published volume #133, which features Uri Geller on its cover. Here you can see the cover of volume #133 and the comic book pages that describe Uri Geller as a Marvel Comics superhero, with Uri Geller on the cover. These comic books are unique and rare. They are preserved in excellent quality in a limited number of copies, with Uri Geller’s signature on the cover.

These can be currently purchased only through the web store. In the future, it will also be possible to purchase a copy at the Uri Geller Museum shop in Jaffa. Each copy of this comic book will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

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