Privacy Policy

Welcome to (hereinafter: “The Website“) owned and managed by DanNat Arts Ltd. (hereinafter: “Website’s Management“), its email address  and mailing address at Mazal Arieh 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The Website’s Management respects the privacy of the users of our website (“User” or “you”). We are committed to protecting the information we collect and/or which is disclosed to us by you. We believe that you have the right to know our practices regarding the information we may collect while you use our Website. This privacy policy applies to your visit and/or use of the Website and reviews the essential details regarding your rights in connection with the information processed on our website.

The terms and conditions governing the use of the website are set in the website’s terms and conditions.

1.Why we collect data?

We only collect data provided to us voluntarily by you and only when it is essential. Our website is not intended for the use of anyone under the age of 18 and we do not knowingly collect data from anyone under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian of someone under that age limit, you may contact us in order to exercise his rights as detailed in this privacy policy on his behalf. We manage information we process with care and make use of such information only in the scope necessary and for the following purposes:

  • To detect, prevent and otherwise thwart any malfeasance to our product, website, infrastructure and any other Service.
  • When the data collection is necessary to comply with legal obligations that we are or may be subject to under any applicable law.
  • When the data collection is necessary for our or a third party legitimate and/or legal interests. This will not apply where the User has prevailing legitimate interests or rights.
  • When you have given consent.
  • To provide our product or services.

2.What data we collect and/or process?

The data we process is divided into the following categories and will be processed according to the purposes as listed above and as detailed bellow:

Data category Description of category Legal basis for processing Purpose
Contact information Full name, address, phone number and Email address. Consent, legitimate interest To communicate with you and in order to provide our product or services.
Website Usage Technical data (such as Ip address, cookie data, device used to access the service, operating system etc.) website interactions. Consent, legitimate interest To provide you with a better user experience and improve the website’s functionality.
location The location from which you access our website. Consent, legitimate interest To provide you with a better User experience.


We may use Cookies or other automated means to collect data in order to improve the user experience on The Website, collecting statistical data and improving our information security. The cookie files allow us to optimize your user experience. You may at any time stop the cookie files activity and erase them. If you do so, it may affect you user experience and, in some cases, prevent you from using The Website or your account, and therefore not recommended.

4.How do we store data and for how long?

The data we process is stored either in EU based servers or services or in countries with adequate privacy protection regulations. The data may be transferred between cloud services with adequate privacy protection regulations. When using cloud services providers, we appropriate a variety of contractual and other security measures to protect the data. Also, to protect the data, we use a variety of security measures such as firewalls, malware detection, traffic analytics and more.

Only our employees and service providers have access to the data, on a need to know basis. Meaning, only those who need to use the data for the purposes listed above can access the necessary data for the specific purpose. Third parties may receive access to data, but only after it was anonymized and rendered non identifiable.

The data is kept and processed as long as it is necessary for the purpose it was collected for. At your request, we will delete the data, either in full or such parts that may render it non-identifiable, unless we are legally allowed to keep the data, including in the following cases:

  • We are required to retain the data for legal obligations, in which case the relevant data will be retained for the required legal periods.
  • We are required to retain the data in order to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.
  • We have another legal basis according to which we may retain the data.

5.What are Your rights regarding the data?

We do all we can in order to help you fulfil your rights regarding the data, as follows:

  • If you request to access your personal information stored by us, we will provide it, to you or a third party, in a timely manner, in a readable, portable format.
  • If you inform us of any inaccurate, incomplete of false information, we will do our best to rectify it in a timely manner.
  • If you request that we erase any or all your personal information, unless another legal basis allows us to retain it, we will take reasonable steps to erase it in a timely manner. Keep in mind, that erasing certain data may result in the termination of our services provided to you, if provided.
  • If you object to any or all of the processing of your personal information, you may notify us, and we will no longer process it until further review of your request.

6.Providing information to third parties

We do not provide the information we collect to third parties, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy or The Website’s terms and services. Provision of information to third parties is allowed when:

  • It is necessary for the operation of The Website. Such provision of information shall be subject to the third party’s obligation to act according to this privacy policy and The Website’s terms and conditions.
  • To prevent malicious use of The Website, including fraud, Phishing, impersonation etc.
  • For research or statistical analysis, provided that the information is anonymized and rendered non-identifiable.
  • If we receive a court order or a request from an authority to provide such information.
  • In the course of any legal proceeding, including arbitration or mediation, conducted between us.
  • In any case where we have reason to believe that the information is required to prevent harm to you or a third party or in order to prevent a criminal offense.
  • If you request the information in writhing.
  • If we sell, pass on or hand over The Website to another, provided he accepts the obligations according to this privacy policy and The Website’s terms and conditions.

7.Direct Marketing

When registering to The Website you may be required to consent to receiving direct marketing via email, including marketing information regarding The Website and third parties.

Such direct marketing will be sent to you only if you have given your consent and at any time you may withdraw your consent by contacting us or by clicking the appropriate link in the massage sent to you.

8.Contact information:

Any complaints, requests, questions or inquiries regarding your personal information and our privacy policy should be made to one of the following:
Address: Mazal Arieh 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo


We may amend this privacy policy from time to time. If any material amendments are made into this privacy policy, a proper notification will be published on The Website for 14 days.