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Uri Geller unearths Scottish brick below Israeli museum

Spoon-bending illusionist Uri Geller has found a brick, made near a Scottish island he owns, beneath his own museum in Israel.

Archaeologists pulled it from the furnace of the old soap factory in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv during excavation work.

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Legendary psychic entertainer welcomes groups to his Ottoman-era museum space displaying an amazing assortment of items from the rich and famous.

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Like the man himself, the museum is truly a one-of-a-kind spectacle, featuring a diverse collection of items that need to be seen to be believed.

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TEL IT LIKE IT IS Enjoy top beaches, great food & wild nightlife in Israel’s party city Tel Aviv

If you really want to live like a local then unlock one of the electric rental scooters that are dotted about the city.

Tech-savvy Tel Avivians have embraced the micro-mobility craze.

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A spoonful of Uri: Inside Tel Aviv's newest magical museum

Visiting a museum entirely dedicated to Uri Geller, created by Uri Geller, and presented through a live guided tour by Uri Geller, had never been on my to-do list. During your brief holiday visit to Israel, you also may not have considered this possibility.

The Uri Geller Museum

On our recent trip to Israel, it took us more than a few days to shake off our jet lag and get through the first days of Passover. By the time we got out, it was to Jaffa, a place that all of us could remember fondly.  By some amazing miracle by Israeli-standards, we found street parking just a few blocks from the most interesting streets of town. As we got out of the car, I looked up and saw 

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The End of the Magic World’s 50-Year Grudge

In 1973, a young man named Uri Geller appeared on one of the BBC’s most popular television shows, “The Dimbleby Talk-In,” and announced that the laws of Newtonian physics did not apply to him. Or that, at least, was the implication. 

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'My mother was related to Freud, she always thought I inherited powers from him'

Illusionist Uri Geller packed up his lavish life in England and moved to Jaffa, where he established a museum in his name; In a new documentary, he reflects on his tough childhood, serving in the Six-Day War, near-fatal eating disorders and the time John Lennon told him he looked like a Holocaust survivor.

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Loose Women left speechless as Uri Geller proudly displays 'unusual' Putin souvenir

The Loose Women panel were joined by TV personality and self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller who excitedly revealed Vladimir Putin had sent him a spoon.Uri’s best-known stunt was making a spoon or key bend by merely rubbing it, leaving viewers stunned at his skills.

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How To Rule Your Own Country: Inside The Outrageous World Of Micronations

With political turmoil worldwide, divided beliefs, and mandates facing ordinary citizens, the idea of creating your own country might seem like a dream. But with micronations launching around the world, this dream has become a reality despite not being recognized by governments.

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Meeting the Mentalist

The human body is a marvel of biochemical engineering. The brain is its enigmatic master controller. Doctors and scientists haven’t even scratched the surface of how the human body and brain work. It’s only arrogance and ignorance to pretend we’ve figured it out.

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Uri Geller gets Game of Thrones-style chair as 'iron throne' is made out of 6,000 spoons

Uri Geller has unveiled his custom-made Game of Thrones-style chair made of spoons measuring nearly 2.5m in height and more than 1.5m across – the psychic has called on fans to name the impressive structure.

Uri Geller has unveiled his very own Game of Thrones-style chair made of 6,000 spoons.The mystic, 77, took to X (formerly Twitter) to show off the impressive structure, which measures nearly 2.5m in height and 1.77m across.