Terms of Service

Welcome to urigellermuseum.com (hereinafter: “The Website“) owned and managed by DanNat Arts Ltd. (hereinafter: “Website’s Management“), its email address and mailing address at Mazal Arieh 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

General Terms

The Website provides various information regarding the Uri Geller museum and offers various products for purchase, including original paintings, printouts and comics (hereinafter: “services” or “products“).

Any use, access or login to The Website constitute as a conformation that you have read and given your consent to be subject to the terms of these terms and conditions (hereinafter: “The Agreement“) and any other condition stated on this Website. The terms and conditions may change from time to time and you agree that you are required to review it and act according to the current terms and conditions as they are at the time. You are required to read these terms and conditions and The Website’s privacy policy carefully before using The Website. If you disagree with any of the terms of The Agreement, please refrain for using The Website or the information or services offered.

You warrant and represent that you are fit and qualified the enter this agreement and are at least 18 years old. If you disagree with any of the above, you are not allowed to use The Website or its services.

These terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement and therefore please read them carefully.

Limitation of Liability

Your use of The Website is at your own responsibility alone. The Website’s Management shall not be liable to any damages caused to you or anyone at your behalf in connection with the use of The Website. By choosing to use The Website, you hereby forego any claim against The Website for any sort of damages, direct or indirect, including bodily injuries, damage to property, loss, loss of funds or aggravation, whether caused to you or anyone on your behalf or any third party.

The Website is used, among other things, to advertise products and services. The use or purchase of products or services or content or anything else published on The Website is at your own responsibility and you hereby affirm that you shall have no claim against The Website for the use of products or services published on The Website.

From time to time, The Website or the information published on The Website will not be available, in part or in full, as a result of maintenance, technical issues or for any other reason, including as a result of the removal of information or services from The Website or the discontinuation of The Website’s activity, at the Website’s Management’s sole discretion. The Website’s Management shall bear no responsibility and you hereby forego any claim against The Website for claims regarding the discontinuation of services or unavailability as stated above.

Using The Website

The Website is free to use by the general public and its use does not require payment or registration, unless specifically stated otherwise. The use or access to The Website constitute an agreement to these terms and conditions.

If you choose to establish an account on The Website, the account is exclusively for your own personal use. The username and password must not be given to anyone else but you. Subject to complying with these terms and conditions, you are here by granted a limited personal license to use The Website and your account, by yourself. Any use not according to this limited license will constitute a breach of this agreement and you acknowledge that any infringing use made by the account shall be deemed as such done at your knowledge and permission.

You warrant to only make reasonable use of The Website and to refrain from any use of The Website not for your personal needs or any other use that was approved in advance by the Website’s Management, including automated scanning The Website, any action that will or may cause an overload of The Website’s systems, duplicating or distributing the content published on The Website, contacting publishers not in relation to publications made by them on The Website, actions that may prevent access to The Website, collecting data for the purpose of direct mailing or any other business purpose etc.

In any case of a violation of the terms of this Agreement or the rights of third parties or misconduct or for any other reason, at the Website’s Management’s sole discretion and in addition to any other legal remedy, the Website’s Management may prevent you from accessing The Website or your account and you hereby forfeit any claim against The Website.
For data security reasons, it is recommended to change passwords from time to time and not to use a generic password.

You acknowledge that establishing an account on The Website does not grant you any rights in The Website, including the content, products and services published on The Website, and establishing an account will not require The Website to provide you with any service, with or without charge.

The Website’s Management may remove, change, correct or edit any publication on The Website at its sole discretion, without the need of any prior notice.

The website’s Management reserves’ its right to offer advertising packages, promotions, discounts and more, which may include ads in different manners, including various features. You hereby warrant and represent that you shall have no claims of any kind against the Website’s Management for the manner in which content is displayed on The Website.

The Website’s Management reserve’s its right to add, remove, change and correct, at its sole discretion and at any time, the content on The Website, including the products sold on The Website and their prices.

Purchasing products

If you are not at least 18 years old, you are not allowed to make purchases on The Website. During the purchase process you will be required to establish an account and provide personal information for identification purposes at the Website’s Management discretion, including your full name, email and address. Without the required details establishing an account and completing your purchase will not be possible. Providing inaccurate or outdated information may result in canceling your order or it not being delivered, and also in your account to not be established, it being suspended or removed, for a limited time or indefinitely, at the Website’s Management’s sole discretion and without the need for cause or prior notice. The use of the information you provide will be according to The Website’s privacy policy.

The Website’s Management reserves its right to contact you in order to verify the information you provided while making a purchase or establishing an account. The purchase on The Website may only be made at your name and you are not allowed to use The Website on behalf of anyone else.

Providing false information when making a purchase on The Website or using someone else’s information may constitute a criminal offense and a civil tort, and if you act as such criminal or civil action may be taken against you.
The images on The Website are for demonstration only. The quality of the image, its size, quality of colors etc. depend on many factors, including the type of browser you are using, screen quality and more. Therefore, noticeable differences may occur between the actual product and the way it is viewed on The Website.

A purchase shall be complete and final only after the verification and approval of all the information that was provided when making the purchase and subject to the product being in stock. The Website’s Management does not guarantee that all of the products published on The Website are in stock at all times. In case of a purchase of a product not in stock, the Website’s Management reserves’ its right to cancel the purchase or offer a substitute, at its sole discretion.

Payment methods

The prices on The Website include VAT (if applicable) and are final. Regardless of the location from which a purchase is made, the residency or citizenship status of the buyer etc., the place of purchase shall be the state of Israel, with all that it entails. If any additional taxes apply such as sales tax, customs etc., they will apply to you.

If a certain product will be sold at a discount or on sale, it will be noted explicitly on The Website.

The payment method on The Website shall be determined from time to time according to the Website’s Management’s sole discretion. If during the purchase process you will be required to provide credit card details or a payment application account details (hereinafter: “Payment method“), you are required to only use a Payment method owned by you. Credit card clearing shall be done by a third party and the credit card’s details will not be kept in The Website’s database. The order made by you will be complete only after receiving confirmation from the operator of the Payment method that the payment was made successfully. If such confirmation is not received, the order will not be completed, and a notice will be sent to you.

Transaction cancellation policy

If you purchased a product on The Website, you are entitled to cancel the transaction according to the articles of the Israeli consumer protection act – 1981 and its regulations.

If your order is for a custom-made product, including a signed or personally dedicated picture, painting or a photograph, the transaction may not be cancelled if more the 24 hours have passed since the order was made.

If a transaction was duly cancelled, payments already made will be returned within 7 business days, using the same Payment method that was used in the transaction, with a deduction of the lowest of 5% of the product’s price or 100 NIS, for cancellation fees.


The product you purchased will be delivered to you be EMS, subject to its delivery schedules and frequency. The product will be provided within 14 business days from date of purchase. Delays in delivery may be caused at no fault of the Website’s Management, including as a result of force major.

The Website’s Management will be accountable for delays in delivery that are not at its control or caused by inability to contact you in order to schedule delivery, if you provided wrong information when making the purchase or any other reason arising from your conduct.

Notification and removal

If you think that specific content on The Website infringes on your rights, including intellectual property, privacy etc., please contact us using the contact page on The Website or by email. When contacting us please attach sufficient details that will allow us to examine your claim. Such claim will not constitute any responsibility or accountability to the Website’s Management for said content or to require it to remove, correct or change it.


Payment to business owners, service providers or any other entity publishing its goods or services on The Website will be made directly to them, without The Website’s involvement.

Conducting paid transactions on The Website are only allowed to users who are older than 18 years or a registered corporation, holding a valid credit card. Conducting paid transactions are subject to providing identification information as will be determined be the Website’s Management from time to time. Providing partial or incorrect information may force the Website’s Management to take legal action in order to collect any outstanding debts due to such missing or wrong information.

Any payment to The Website will only be made using a Payment method owned by the paying party, including cheque or cash. The details provided when conducting a transaction are protected by the clearing system you chose, such as PayPal, Bit application etc., and the responsibility for protecting such data is exclusively yours and the clearing system’s. The Website does not keep or store the payment details and they are only used by the Payment method system you chose.

Copyrights and Intellectual property

All rights and intellectual property in the content and information published on The Website are owned by The Website and are protected according to the law, whether registered or not, including all services on The Website, accounts, headers, domain names, computer code, designs, objects, characters, names, stories, dialogs, catch phrases, locations, ideas, artistic displays, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio and visual effect, operation methods, data etc. (hereinafter: “Protected Content“). Without derogating from the above, content published by you on The Website will belong to you, without derogating from The Website’s right to use such content as it sees fit and you hereby grant the Website’s Management an irrevocable and unlimited license to such content.

Any use of Protected Content is prohibited without the explicit prior written approval from the Website’s Management. Without derogating from the above, copying, duplicating, reproducing, publishing, distributing, showing, publicly performing, broadcasting, selling or making available to the public in any way, any portion of The Website, without the Website’s Management’s prior written approval is prohibited.

Applicable Law and jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed and construed solely under the Laws of the State of Israel in the jurisdiction of the District of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo.


Any massage will be deemed as delivered only after 7 business days since its delivery by registered mail with confirmation and by email to The Website’s address.

Any modification to these terms and conditions shall be binding upon its publication on The Website.